The Digital Migration: Why Universa is the Rail Blazer

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The emergence of computers never brought to mind that it will one day lead to internet usage. The era of the spread of the internet was so fast that majority of people around the globe could not wait to access it. It spread around every corner such that even those in hinterland, once they have access to network, they could use the internet.

Generation of the Internet

With time, the first generation internet emerged, precisely the World Wide Web (www): this first generation internet works on central servers, gives access to users based on their search. Using the first generation internet is an issue of concern because it allows users the opportunity to read and not write.

After years of research, technologists realized that users must also be allowed to write and not only read. This paved way for the second generation internet, precisely Social media. The second generation internet is most often referred to as the Read Write Web. This second generation internet is also centralized and raises issues of concern with security, privacy, control and concentration of power.

Whiles the second generation internet is seen to be superficially functional compared to the first generation internet, issues surrounding it also create doubts among its users.Even though the second generation internet has allowed it users the opportunity to read and write, yet, it suffers at some point.

The outrageous challenges posed by the first and second generation internet poised technologists to probe further to unveil the third generation internet, precisely Decentralized Web. This third generation internet offers decentralization to its users, thus the name Blockchain.

Third generation: the Blockchain era

What makes blockchain so amazing is it decentralization which fails to give power to one person or few persons. Blockchains speed and growth is overwhelming and unimaginable. The numerous problems being catered for by blockchains have led to three classifications:

  1. First generation blockchain: this is the genesis blockchain, specifically bitcoin blockchain;
  2. Second generation blockchain: focuses on smart contracts;
  3. Third generation blockchain: focuses on smart contracts and scalability.

Digital Migration

The birth of the blockchain has helped people regardless of their geographical location to share data. Data contents not representing only messages but also financial information. With time people began showing interest in the blockchain not only because it allows them to share information peer-to-peer, but also it enables cross-border remittance in money transfer, leap frogging, promote a single source of truth, internet of things, just to mention a few among many. In the blockchain, trust is established through cryptography which seems a little above trust in humans.

The paradigm shift to the blockchain is occurring at a higher speed, whereas those closer to information are adopting to this change there are others who are far behind who are not informed about this change. Those are basically classified as “late comers”.

The paradigm shift to the blockchain is free from racism, tribalism, and discrimination; whiles reshaping societies and economies, its core function ensures equal rights for all without favouring some to the neglect of others (smart contracts). Ownership and sharing ensures that those who lack are taken care of, unlike in our socio-physical world where the poor and the needy have no voice and are always on the minority side (less recognized).

Why Universa is the Rail Blazer

Focus on businesses: Universa is a blockchain developed for businesses. Businesses have customers; if a blockchain is adopted by a business, it is obvious and hypothetical all customers will become adopters of that blockchain.

Business to Business

Universa provides wide range of opportunities for customers of businesses to migrate from how they trade or interact with their service providers. In this sense, one can deduce that the barrier between service providers and their customers is completely eliminated. Customers distance is no more an issue to talk about, moreover, high cost involved in implementing business laws and schedule of activities are made easier and cheaper by universa.

The stronger aspect of this is business to business interactions. Where businesses need to make consensus, Universa Blockchain provides the safest, secured, and fastest opportunities for such business to business interactions. The most important factor to consider here is that Universa provides the avenue for such interactions to take place at low cost and higher security level. This is something the first and second generation internet could not do, it is only possible with the third generation internet, and Universa remains the best arena for such events.

The movement from our socio-physical world to socio-internet world is very powerful in nature; Universa, in migrating businesses and customers to a platform that is most flexible, easily accessible, and costless would provide a lot of benefits for both businesses and customers. Focus on governments: government has a lot of events that can be moved to the blockchain, thus facilitating lower cost, efficiency, and effectiveness in governmental activities.

Owing to the laws governing ruler ship, certain events take longer to be executed. But in an era where technology makes work so fast and easy do these events still have to take long? Universa blockchain has been built to ensure quick and faster implementation of governmental projects. Universa aims to link up governments on the blockchain, and promote corporation and coordination among them. This initiative will relieve governments from agreements that require meet ups; thus cutting down government expenditure since there is trust in the blockchain established by computer codes.

Business to Governments

Business to government events are also embraced on the Universa Blockchain. Government has citizens and for that matter an adoption of the Universa Blockchain by government is an indication of mass adoption. Any initiative under taken by the government on the blockchain for the citizens to participate brings the citizens into action on the blockchain.

In reality Universa’s initiative to bring governments aboard the blockchain is an adorable move to establish closer relationship between governments and their citizens. In this vein, decision making is much easier and faster when it involves governments and their citizens. A true revolution in this information age is being spearheaded by Universa.

The transformation has a lot of benefits for both governments and businesses. Conclusion excessive cost by governments and businesses in implementing initiatives are costless, efficient, faster, and effective on the Universa Blockchain. What was difficult to do initially is now easier on the Universa Blockchain.

Moreover, the universa blockchain drives mass adoption by incorporating governments and businesses. The future looks bright to have a technological migration which eschews racism and esteems everyone as important. Universa blockchain will always be in the lead and provide numerous benefits to the world.


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