What makes Universa Extraordinary and Indispensable?

This is an blogpost written by DEDON, one of our community members.

More than one thousand blockchains have evolved over the decade. One question we would always ask is why so many blockchains? Most of these blockchains raise concerns of how they solve real life problems.

Universa in its domain is completely different and far beyond ordinary and this is due to the following reasons:

Technological Infrastructural Developments

It has been over two years since the ICO ended. The team has been working tirelessly unhasting in developing the plans for the globe. The expansion of the websites and developments of other subunits such as Unichat, UniPayments, Digital Brotherhood, Daocracy, etc are technically being developed which is a good sign of adoption in the future.

Less focus on exchanges

Current research indicate that some cryptocurrency exchanges are likely to go down by 2021 as well as some cryptocurrencies themselves. Universa has a shifted focus to developing what is needed by humans for consumption rather than what will be exchanged today and be used for monetary gains.

Whiles developments are taking place on the Universa Blockchain, very few exchanges have UTN-P listed basically for the “impatients”. Once huge developments goes mainstream, no individual(s) or group(s) can downplay the price of the tokens. The tokens will automatically have their way out in terms of pricing. The majority of people see exchanges as a key point in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but developments is superior to that. The Universa Blockchain Protocol is completely different and the world will testify of it one day.

Sleeping Giant

Universa was earlier on described as the “Sleeping Giant” which in reality is true and will continue to remain so as far as development continues. The world yearns to see a change in the technogical realm; something of which Universa is doing. It is no doubt that the world would embrace a scalable blockchain for proper and advanced use. Universa does it.

Universa’s high speed is a key feature for it adoption globally adoption. In an era where digital migration is essential to all individuals we ask a basic question of who will create the platform for such migration? Universa does it. What makes Universa indispensable is the ability to solve problems which the future generation would benefit from.

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